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A General Election is happening on Thursday 4 July. Let your candidates know that ending hunger is important to you. 

Westminster has been busy preparing for the upcoming General Election. Amid all the politics, it’s important to remind our elected representatives of the issues that matter most to us – including ending global hunger. 

We’ll be asking all politicians, candidates and parties to help us with this goal, and will be there to provide them with the information and support they’ll need.  

But it’s most important for them to hear from you, the constituents who will actually vote them in. 

735 million people suffer from hunger globally. Climate disasters, the cost-of-living crisis and deadly conflicts in places like Gaza, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Sudan all threaten to push these numbers even higher.   

Our government has the power to respond to humanitarian crises, invest in nutrition, take action to break the cycle between hunger and conflict, and show leadership on the climate crisis. 

Your candidates need to know that this is a priority for you, and therefore something they should prioritise if elected.  

So write to them today. 

Read the draft message to your local parliamentary candidates

Ending global hunger is important to me. If you are elected as my MP, can you promise that it’s important to you too? 

I am writing to you as a local voter ahead of the upcoming general election. While the UK spends the next few weeks focused on campaigning, 735 million people worldwide are living with hunger. Hunger is deadly, particularly for young children. Those who survive severe food crises can have long-lasting impacts on their health and wellbeing, making their children more likely to grow up in poverty.  

Escalating conflicts in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Sudan and Gaza are pushing millions more to the brink of famine as each day passes. Violence is forcing people from their homes; destroying their crops, fields and markets; and making it incredibly dangerous for humanitarian and health workers to access those in need.  

The incoming government must be prepared to take decisive action to tackle these crises.  

That is why I am asking you to follow the recommendations of Action Against Hunger, a global humanitarian and development organisation with programmes in over 50 countries and over 50 years of experience.  

If you are elected into parliament, I urge you to advocate for the following at every opportunity, both within your party and/or in government: 

  1. Respond to humanitarian crises and invest in nutrition 
    • Step up to the plate and boost the global response to humanitarian crises, as well as invest in prevention. Less than 10% of the funding required to meet global humanitarian needs has been donated so far in 2024. Helping to address this means ending the use of UK ODA to pay for supporting refugees in the UK.  
    • The UK must increase aid for nutrition. It should look to urgently invest the £1bn commitment made following the 2021 Nutrition for Growth Summit, including through investing an additional £70 million each year to prevent and treat child wasting. 

  2. Take action to break the cycle between hunger and conflict 
    • Transpose into UK Law the Rome Statute amendment that makes it illegal to starve civilians in non-international armed conflict. 
    • Ensure that the systems are in place to ensure that decisions are coherent across government; that trade and arms policy are coherent with a foreign policy commitment to uphold humanitarian law. 

  3. Show leadership on the climate crisis 
    • The UK should be a pioneer in driving action to curb global emissions now, not in twenty years, if we want to prevent temperatures rising to a level that could cause widespread catastrophe.  
    • Support the “polluter pays” principle and back initiatives to impose a fee on fossil fuels extracted, contributing at least 75% of this to the UN Loss and Damage Fund, to help the poorest countries cope with the impact of rising temperatures. 


For more information, please contact Jack Feinmann, Parliamentary Relations Manager at [email protected]

Please reply to this email with your answer.  

Together we can end world hunger. 

Best wishes, 

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