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Much like our heroes in the NHS, health workers like Hawa (pictured) are on the frontline ending hunger.

At the end of this year the UK's commitment to tackle malnutrition, through UK Aid, ends. That means the programmes that treat the world's most malnourished children are at risk. It means programmes that train health workers like Hawa, are at risk too. 

Covid-19 is driving a hunger and malnutrition crisis. Now is the time for the UK to invest in nutrition.

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Together we can build a movement that can't be ignored. Health workers and hungry children everywhere need you.
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In places where food is hard to come by and hunger is on the rise, health workers like Hawa step in.

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Health workers provide life-saving support for children and their families in some of the most remote places on earth, where health facilities are out of reach.

At Action Against Hunger, we rely on people like Hawa to diagnose and treat malnourished children. We couldn't save hungry children's lives without them.

We want to show there is support for investing in these health workers, who are ending hunger and saving lives - will you join us?