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As Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab is in charge of the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office. This means he decides how UK Aid is spent. This year the UK's investment in tackling malnutrition, through UK Aid, ends. It means programmes that treat children for malnutrition are at risk.

Will you send him a message to urge him to recommit to nutrition before the end of 2020? 

Even before this pandemic, malnutrition contributed to the deaths of around 3 million children a year. Without access to life saving treatment, 10,000 more children could die each month from malnutrition, than was predicted before Covid-19 struck.

Good nutrition is important for children's health and happiness. All children, wherever they grow up, should be able to eat nutritious food to keep them healthy. 

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Dear RT Hon Dominic Raab MP,

I am writing to you as the Foreign Secretary, now that the work of UK Aid falls under your department. I welcome the start you made by announcing the UK will tackle the risk of famine in the poorest parts of the world. However, the UK must go further.

Malnutrition was rising before the pandemic and now this trend is getting worse. Without access to life saving treatment, 10,000 more children could die from malnutrition each month, than was predicted before Covid-19 struck.

Since 2015, the UK has helped improve the nutrition of over 50 million children, women and adolescent girls. I am so proud of this achievement. However, UK Aid commitments to nutrition expired at the end of 2020. Will you commit to making the same impact and reaching the same number?

The current hunger crisis is part of the longer-term battle to end malnutrition. Even if children survive hunger, malnutrition causes ill health throughout their life making them less likely to reach their educational potential and therefore undermining your department’s ambitions on education too.

It is so important that your department continues to focus on healthy lives for people in the poorest places after Covid-19. That means making investments to tackle malnutrition alongside your commitment to end hunger.

Please use your leadership by making a renewed UK commitment to nutrition this year, children’s futures depend on it.

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