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Brief your MP

The decision to cut UK Aid means that the lives of children in the poorest countries are at risk. Around 118 million more people faced hunger in 2020 compared with 2019. UK Aid plays a vital role in supporting them.

With a reduced aid budget the UK Government must focus on ways to save lives. Nearly half of all child deaths globally are attributed to malnutrition and for those that survive, malnutrition holds back their life chances. Tackling malnutrition is one of the best ways to spend the aid budget. 

Will you brief your MP?

Cuts to UK Aid could mean 3 million women and children go without life-saving nutrition. Lives will be lost as a result. Not enough people know about this. 

Urge your MP to take action to commit UK Aid for nutrition.  

Read the draft message to your MP

Dear MP,

I was really disappointed to see that cuts to UK Aid will continue following the vote in parliament earlier this year.

I’m concerned that these cuts will risk the lives of children and their families in the poorest places, including children with malnutrition. What’s left of the UK’s aid budget must be spent in the best possible way.

Supporting the world’s malnourished children has always been an important investment for the UK to make. It helps get children into school, keep them in good health and importantly, supports a country’s economic development. Did you know that businesses in developing countries collectively lose up to US$850bn a year through malnutrition related productivity losses?

Malnutrition causes nearly half of all child deaths globally. The Foreign Secretary must do something about this.

Now is the time to do the right thing. Please raise this with the Foreign Secretary and ask her what she is doing to make nutrition a priority for her department.

Here is a briefing that can help: http://againsthunger.uk/MP-briefing 

Thank you.


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